Corporate Kits

If you have elected to incorporate your business, you should be aware of the formalities required by state statute and case law to protect your entity formation and to maintain your company's "good standing".  Some of these formalities include:

  • Adopting Corporate Bylaws
  • Conducting annual Shareholder and Board of Director meetings
  • Preparing Corporate Minutes and maintaining a Corporate Minute Book
  • Maintain a Corporate Stock Ledger Book
  • Conducting business in corporate name only
  • Opening and maintaining corporate bank account
  • Filing all required annual reports
  • Paying all applicable state taxes

One way to stay organized and maintain all of your corporate information is through your own personalized Corporate Kit.  Click on the button below to access several types of Corporate Kits for your new company.  We have teamed with CorpKit to make these selections available to you.  In addition, you can order your corporate seal and any business stamps you may need.