Alabama Registered Agent

Registered Agent Services in Alabama (AL)

National Registered Agents, Inc. (“NRAI”) serves numerous small businesses in the State of Alabama. Every state in the country requires that a registered agent be designated to handle all formal legal documents, such as a summons or a lawsuit, which the state may send to you. The procedure whereby you are served with these documents is known as “Service of Process.”

NRAI can handle registered agent responsibilities on behalf of your business in Alabama. In addition, Alabama requires that you maintain a registered office, which NRAI can also provide. A registered office is a physical location designated by the company where service of process can be received during all normal business hours. This location may be separate from the company’s primary place of business.


Beyond registered agent and registered office services, NRAI also offers other corporate services that can help you manage your business efficiently and responsibly. These services include an extensive document library filled with forms and applications from all jurisdictions across the country. 

If you already have a registered agent and are unhappy with their service, we can help you change your registered agent to NRAI. For a personalized consultation with one of our agents, call us at (855) 265-2898 or click on the Request Registered Agent Services button and we will present you with a customized solution that matches your company’s needs.