Delaware Registered Agent

Registered Agent Services in Delaware (DE)

Within the State of Delaware, National Registered Agents, Inc. (NRAI) serves numerous and various businesses, both small and large companies alike.

All states require that a registered agent be designated by a company in order to receive Service of Process. Service of Process can be described as the procedure by which an entity is served with formal and official documentation or notice concerning a legal issue brought against the company. This can include such things as a summons, subpoenas, wage or other garnishment orders, judicial or administrative orders or supplemental pleadings in a lawsuit.

Besides obtaining a registered agent, many states, including Delaware, require a registered office be assigned to a business as well. A registered office is an office selected by the company to receive official legal documents that will then be handled by that company's registered agent. The registered office may be, and often is, separate and in addition to the office where the operations of the business are conducted. Delaware requires the designation of a registered agent and a registered office for any corporation and limited liability company (LLC), whether domestic or foreign, formed or doing business within its jurisdiction.


Registered Agent and Registered Office services can be made available to a company through professional registered agent providers such as NRAI. In addition to these services, NRAI offers many compliance tools and a comprehensive library of forms and applications from all states. Click here to learn more about our services. For personal service call us at (855) 265-2898 or use our quote form. We will work with you to provide a solution that matches your company's needs.