Massachusetts Registered Agent

Registered Agent Services in Massachusetts (MA)

Designating a registered agent is one of the first responsibilities newly formed or registered business in Massachusetts. Every company must designate a registered agent, not just in Massachusetts, but in any U.S. state where the company is doing business. 

Your registered agent can be any individual or company who agrees to receive service of process from the state on your behalf – service of process can include any legal notices or documents pertaining to your company. The agent must maintain a physical address in the state and must be reachable during normal business hours.


Choosing an agent you can trust can be a challenging decision for any business owner, as you could be putting at stake the good name of your company. You need a registered agent who can be trusted to handle your legal information responsibly and to promptly notify you about important filing deadlines, or in some cases lawsuits, so that you can prepare a response on behalf of your company.

National Registered Agents, Inc. (NRAI) is a professional registered agent service provider. We offer services in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Should you decide to expand your business beyond Massachusetts one day, we can also connect you with qualified registered agents in any state of your choosing.

NRAI's professional corporate service specialists have proven track records of success. Our clients value us for our personalized services – we offer individualized consultations that will help us determine what your goals are and design a solution that’s right for your business. Call (855) 265-2898 to speak with one of our customer service specialists or fill out our quick quote form online. If you would like to switch to NRAI from your existing registered agent, we can also help you make a simple transition.