New Hampshire Registered Agent

Registered Agent Services in New Hampshire (NH)

National Registered Agents, Inc. (NRAI) offers registered agent services for businesses large and small. New Hampshire requires that every corporation or LLC operating within its borders appoint an in-state registered agent to receive service of process on behalf of the business. Service of Process (SOP) is the procedure where an entity is served with formal documents regarding a legal issue, such as a summons or a lawsuit.

Registered agent services can be handled by a third party service such as National Registered Agents, Inc. Our registered agents provide the highest level of quality service to business entities. We also offer other services such as our document library which provides forms and applications from all jurisdictions and services that provide clients with email notifications of important filing dates, plus much more. If you currently have a registered agent who is not providing you with the tools and services you need to protect your company, you can easily change your registered agent to National Registered Agents, Inc.


National Registered Agents, Inc. provides services to businesses large or small throughout the United States, including New Hampshire. For more information regarding what we can offer to your business’s success, please contact us at (855) 265-2898 or complete our Request Services form. We will work with you to customize the solution that best fits your company's needs.