Ohio Registered Agent

Registered Agent Services in Ohio (OH)

Every company operating in Ohio must appoint a registered agent to receive the company’s service of process. Service of process (SOP) is the procedure whereby business entities are served with formal documents from the state government. These documents may include regulatory notices and communications about other legal obligations of the company to the state. It is the responsibility of the registered agent to both receive these files and deliver them to the company the agent represents. 

Having a responsible registered agent you can trust is critical to ensure that you are promptly notified about correspondence from the state, which may involve important filing deadlines or potential notices of a lawsuit brought against you. These are files that, if mishandled, could negatively impact the good standing of your company.


Registered agent services may be delegated to third party service providers such as National Registered Agents, Inc. (NRAI). NRAI offers registered agent services for businesses of all sizes, designations, and locations. With extensive experience in handling service of process for companies, we are known for providing our clients with service at the highest standards of excellence in the industry. 

We know that every business is unique - NRAI offers highly personalized consultations that allow us to get to know your business and create a customized solution that matches the needs of your business. NRAI also provides an added convenience of serving companies nationwide. If your company decides to expand its operations down the line to different U.S. states, NRAI can also connect you with agents who are experienced with the laws and regulations of that state.

As our client, you can also access a variety of NRAI’s diverse professional services, such as our document library. Here, you can access official forms and applications from all different states. To speak with a customer service specialist, call (855) 265-2898 or complete our quick quote form.